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Tempos Vega Sicilia 2017

Out of the nearly 1,000 hectares that make up the Vega Sicilia estate, 210 are used to grow vines. Our vines are in soils with very specific features, where the influence of the flow of the River Duero and the passing of time has been essential. Vines having been grown on the Vega Sicilia estate for over hundred years, which makes it possible to obtain a specific plant matter and genetic make-up. All this, together with the extremely careful and respectful handling of the vines and of the environment, makes it possible to produce unique vines.
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Tempos Vega Sicilia Macan 2017
Name TVSR001-2017 In stock
Tempos Vega Sicilia Pintia 2017
Name TVSR007-2017 In stock