Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. Dufte Punkt 2016

Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. Dufte Punkt 2016


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Brand: Chaffey Bros


Winemaker's Notes

Düfte Punkt is an aromatic paradigm-shift. A seamless single-vineyard blend of spicy Gewürztraminer, precise Riesling and textural Weißer Herold. Striking lychee and turkish delight aromas introduce a complex palate showing lychees, mandarins, minerality and a lingering powder-puff of florals.

The Wine Front Rating: 92 PTS

The Chaffey Bros wines always feel so harmonious. They glide through the mouth. This boasts a crunch of apple and a crackle of slate, but it slips and slides beautifully through your mouth. There’s a whisper of red apple-like sweetness/perfume and a gunsmoke-like note, along with a kaffir lime character. It’s an explosion of aroma, sure, but it’s also elegance personified.