Jamsheed Pyren Syrah 2014

Jamsheed Pyren Syrah 2014


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Brand: Jamsheed Wines


The darkest, most brooding of all the Jamsheed wines – savory and powerful. Possesses a similar aromatic spectrum to the ‘Seville’ (licorice, black fruits), but carries greater intensity and far more mineral character that speaks proudly of the quartz laced pink granitic soil it hails from. Again, tastes of minerals and black fruits, finishing with impressively fine, long tannin. This is a beast of a wine, yet carries its power with such finesse and balance.

The name Jamsheed comes from the story of a Persian king. Ancient writings tell an endearing tale of Jamsheed, a Persian king who was said to be able to see his kingdom in a cup of wine, and whose fondness for fresh grapes lead him to store them in jars over winter where they would inevitably spontaneously ferment and be set aside as ‘poison’. One of King Jamsheed’s harem, despairing of frequent migraines, chooses to commit suicide by drinking from a poisoned jar. She wakes to find herself miraculously cured, informs her king who is most pleased and sets about making many jars of ‘poison’ and thus wine was discovered.

Gary Mills’ wines certainly deliver pleasure: they are some of Australia’s most compelling. His previous existence was as a teacher in Japan, from where he found his way into the world of wine. He has worked in Western Australia, California (with Ridge, for two years) and Oregon. In 2003 he decided to make his own wines, sourcing fruit from interesting vineyards in Victoria and working naturally in the cellar.